Cheryl L. Banke, MLIS, CRM


Cheryl Banke is an information professional who is a Certified Records Manager, Paralegal and Librarian with over 25 years of records management experience.  She recently worked at Argonne National Laboratory heading up their Enterprise Content and Records Management initiatives.  Prior to the Lab, Cheryl was the Director of Records & Information Management Governance at Hyatt Hotels Corporation and has also worked in manufacturing and other service industries.  She focuses on bringing organizations to the new millennium with records management and information governance technologies that allow them to preserve the records they need, while disposing of records that have met their retention, in a timely fashion.

My motto is:  If you don’t know what you have, you can’t manage it!

Testimonial:  “I can’t tell you how valuable your services have been for us.”  Russ Veinot at Graphic Partners, Inc.